High performance secure data channel between JSCC RAS and SSCC SB RAS


In April 2017, the resources of two centers of collective use – the Joint Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (JSCC RAS) in Moscow and the Siberian Supercomputer Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SSCC SB RAS) in Novosibirsk – were merged into a territorially distributed computer complex, and since July they have been connected by a high-speed protected data channel (10 Gbit/s). A high-performance, secure communication channel was created by the specialists of the RSC Group of Companies, the companies “C-Terra CSP” and “Milecom”, as well as the Institute of Computational Technologies of the SB RAS.

The use of a qualitatively new secure communication channel will allow Russian scientists to solve even more pressing problems in the field of basic and applied sciences, including such advanced research areas as digital and intellectual technologies, high-tech healthcare, improving the ecology and energy efficiency, development of the aviation industry complex and space exploration, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine and deep training (ML/DL), work with big data (Big Data) and others.