IP-transit service is an opportunity for high-speed and controlled access to the Internet through modern optical networks. Milecom offers IP transit service, which consists in the transfer of data between two points of connection of the client to the backbone IP-network with the support of the class of service chosen by the client. The service is intended for users who have the need either to combine their regional networks or to access the popular information resources via the IP network of Milecom.

Features and advantages of IP transit services by Milecom

This is the real information capacity of the channel. The service combines the most important advantages of a dedicated channel (it is possible to transmit traffic of any type with the required quality of service).
The service of Milecom IP transit is Internet access for operators and Internet providers. In Milecom, IP transit is available through Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, SDH ports and 10Gigabit Ethernet.