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Electronic document management


For operation, only a computer with Internet access and a valid certified electronic signature are needed.

LLC Milecom offers to switch to electronic document management (EDM) and receive documents electronically without duplication on paper in strict accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Legal value of electronic documents

Electronic documents are signed with an enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature and are equivalent to a paper document with a handwritten signature. The procedure for the exchange of invoices is strictly prescribed in the Order of the Ministry of Finance No. 50n. The exchange of electronic documents of other types is not subject to strict regulation by controlling bodies and has been carried out between Russian companies since 2002.

EDM simplifies the process of submitting documents to the tax authorities on demand (in the framework of desktop or counter inspections). All the necessary documents in the system can be easily found by means of filters, uploaded to the electronic reporting system, attached to the generated inventory and sent to the tax office through the Internet.

Types of electronic documents

EDM allows to receive the following payment and settlement documents on a monthly basis for free and promptly:

  • Accounts;
  • Invoices;
  • Certificates of completion;
  • Other documents.

Advantages for customers:

  • Reduction of the terms for receiving documents for the services rendered for payment (documents are delivered before the 5th day of the month following the reporting one);
  • Obtaining all documents under existing contracts with LLC Milecom at one point;
  • Reduction of costs for processing received documents due to fast and correct loading of data into the enterprise accounting system;
  • Reduction of costs associated with printing and storing paper documentation;
  • Preparation of the basis for a full transition to paperless interaction with partners of your company and tax authorities;
  • Reduction of tax risks, as the delivery of documents is guaranteed, which means that the risks associated with late delivery of payment documents disappear.

Connection to EDO

The circulation of electronic documents is organized at the request of legislation through the accredited Russian Federal Tax Service operators of electronic document management. The operators of electronic document circulation of LLC Milecom is LLC Company Tensor (SBIS system — sbis.ru).

For operation, only a computer with Internet access and a valid certified electronic signature are needed. For registration and further work with documents, you can use the already available electronic signature (used for delivery of electronic reporting), or get a new one in LLC Company Tensor. Each participant of electronic document management receives a personal account by the EDM Operator free of charge, through which legally relevant documents are obtained. The exchange of electronic documents with other counterparties is charged according to the pricing policy of the EDM operators LLC Company Tensor.

For transition to electronic document management of your organization it is necessary

  1. Connect to the electronic system of electronic document management SBIS. Register personal account on SBIS. If any questions, please call the 24-hour technical support 8 800-100-33-06 or send a question to help.sbis.ru.
  2. Send a letter about the transition to electronic document management to LLC Milecom through the SBIS system.

The use of the SBIS system allows to receive and process all incoming documents in electronic form from both LLC Milecom and from other suppliers operating in a wide range of industries.

LLC Milecom strives to ensure that the use of telecommunication services is the most comfortable for you. We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

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