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LLC Milecom is a telecommunication company with a distributed interregional fiber-optic network covering more than 20 regions of the Russian Federation.

Our company possesses points of interconnect with the majority of large federal operators.

Being guided by the most advanced achievements in the field of telecommunications, we are ready to flexibly and promptly react to customer requests and offer ready-made solutions.

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30 000 km of backbone network
140+ connected operators
4 BIT/S transmission capacity of channels
MORE THAN 4 000 operating services
4 traffic exchange points



Network management is fully centralized and implemented in a joint network control center (JNCC). The center operates in 24/7 mode and uses innovative network monitoring system. Constantly controlling the network infrastructure, we detect problems related to the performance of its elements, and begin to work on their elimination before they start to affect the quality of the services provided.


Round-the-clock operation of the cable infrastructure is equipped with mobile optical laboratories with the latest equipment. All equipment undergoes regular inspections at the manufacturer's laboratories. Each unit of the operation service is equipped with a basic and spare set of equipment.


For the organization of DWDM-tracts, we use the equipment of global manufacturers. The introduction of DWDM increased the network transmission capacity to 4 Tbit/s and simplified the redundancy of communication lines. The technology makes it easy to scale the network in conditions of limited fiber resource. Availability of service contracts for infrastructure maintenance with equipment manufacturers guarantees reliability and serviceability of the network in 24/7 mode.


The introduction of the most effective technology for traffic transmission on the company's core network provides the following opportunities:

• Intelligent Traffic Management (Traffic Engineering)
• Fast re-routing of traffic (Fast Reroute)

This automatically switches data flows to backup destinations in an automatic mode in case of accidents and in cases of a significant increase in the load of the main routes without loss of communication.

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