For communication service providers

оказание телекоммуникационных услуг

Our company has been engaged in the provision of telecommunication services for the integrated connection of corporate users and enterprises to the global Internet network for quite a long time. We are ready to provide our customers with high-speed communication channels regardless of the location of remote points. The Milecom company has its backbone networks throughout Russia, which allows to create communication channels between offices and branches of your enterprise practically throughout the entire territory of our country!

We are ready to provide any telecommunication services, including dedicated communication channels for transferring your data to regional operators, and to organize high-speed access to the global Internet using modern high-tech equipment. The provision of telecommunication services is characterized by high reliability and security of data transmission.
Being among the largest communication service providers in the modern market of telecommunication services, Milecom first of all cares about its customers and protects their information. That is why our main goal is to provide our partners with the most efficient, exceptionally reliable high-speed Internet connection.

To provide telecommunication services at the proper level, we use only high-quality equipment and fiber-optic communication lines. The Milecom company has all technical permissions and uses standards for connection and protection of data transmission exclusively regulated by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control of the Russian Federation.