Public WiFi networks

Milecom offers services for the deployment of public WiFi networks in conference halls, meeting rooms, hotels and in other public places, incl. open spaces.

According to the Federal Law “On Communications”, entrepreneurs and legal entities that provide Internet access through a public Wi-Fi-point are required to conduct identification of all users connected to the wireless network. Therefore, by deployment of a public WiFi network, Milecom configures the authorization of its users.

You get

• Convenient user authorization via SMS
• Ability to view the placement of your advertisement during authorization
• Upon completion of the authorization, transition to any Internet resource. It can be your website, your social network page.


WiFi is an abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity, which stands for the wireless (radio) communication standard, which combines several protocols and is officially named IEEE 802.11 (from the Insti-tute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, an international organization dealing with the development of standards in the field of electronic technologies). The maximum signal transmission distance in such a network is 100 meters, but in open terrain it can reach high values (up to 300-400 m). Modern technologies allow creating a “seamless” network of several wifi-points.