Corporate VPN-networks

VPN — Virtual Private Network, which is used to combine remote locations and operates on the basis of the existing network infrastructure using wired and wireless connections. VPN connection allows to combine several offices and production facilities into a single information space.

The main tasks that enterprises and organizations can solve with the help of corporate VPN networks are:

  • Free telecommunications within the corporation
  • Conducting videoconferences among geographically distributed offices/facilities without charging for traffic
  • Inclusion of all workplaces (computers) in a single enterprise management system (ERP)
  • Inclusion of all workplaces (computers, telephones) in specialized production management systems
  • Use of cloud products and solutions, for example, for joint work with documents and electronic document management in the enterprise
  • Creation of an internal e-mail network without charging for traffic
  • Control of the use of office equipment in the enterprise
  • Application of Internet technologies of things (IoT), including BigData and production automation technologies.

Port speed — from 512 Kbit/s to 100 Gbit/s.



Advantages of the service Corporate network by Milecom

  • Availability
    Realization of the turnkey service, including the organization of access lines for each point (“last mile”) and the provision of equipment.
  • Unlimited geography
    The organization of the corporate network is possible both in the territory of Milecom operation, and with the use of multiservice networks of other operators, incl. federal.
  • Quality
    Different classes of service (CoS) for different types of traffic (data, voice, video). Ability to conclude a service level agreement (SLA) with continuous monitoring of service level indicators.
  • Reliability
    Own backbone network using MPLS technology. 24-hour support and proactive monitoring.