Video analytics

  • How many visitors do you have and who are your customers?
  • How do your employees work?
  • Are there occasional emergency situation?
  • Is it necessary to control access to the warehouse and other premises with special access mode?

The video analytics service by Milecom is the optimal solution for collecting statistics, video surveillance and analysis of video information both within a single object and from several geographically distributed objects.

To organize a full-featured video analysis and video surveillance, it is enough to mount IP cameras and register them in a cloud-based surveillance service.


Real-Time Video Monitoring

  • Video archive
  • Audio playback

Video analytics for business

  • Counting of visitors
  • Personnel control
  • Heat Map

Security control modules – detectors

  • Movement
  • Camera sabotage
  • Fire
  • Sound
  • Faces
  • Abandoned items
  • Search in the archive by movement


The advantages of video analytics by Milecom

  • Access from mobile devices from anywhere in the world, where there is Internet
  • Controlling the image, rotation and tilt of cameras
  • Regulation of staff access rights to cameras
  • Alarm on attempts of shutdown and unauthorized use of video cameras
  • Cloud architecture: distributed frame-by-frame recording, dynamic balancing and backup of video servers, territorial clustering and scaling.



All client devices can obtain access to video and statistics, which can be used anywhere in the world for viewing.